About Us

About Us

In a simple way, but with a lot of human warmth, we have created this space of recollection and connection with nature. Today we are happy to share our little paradise with you.

Pampa del Tamarugal is an old Salt Flat where we can find salt crusts, which are the basis of the material in all our constructions. These are made by combining modern and Inca techniques that make them totally anti-seismic.

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We use everything our imagination has allowed us to recycle. ​ ​

The vast majority of the woods we use are the sleepers of the old railway lines that transported the saltpeter in the area at the beginning of the 19th cetury.

Clean Air // Natural Landscape // Sustainable Architecture // Solar Enery Powered // Solar Gastronomy // Starry Night Skies.

Solar Energy

We use only solar energy, which we maintain at 12 volts, so we don't need a lot of solar panels to iluminate or charge our electronic devices. Thanks to the sun we have hot water every day of the year.

We compost al our organic matter and what doesn’t go to the composting boxes goes to the food of chickens, dogs and lamas. We throw clean trash!

solar energy el huarango

About Us

El Huarango is an Eco Retreat completely powered by solar energy, which provides electricity, hot water and unique solar gastronomy. 




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+56 9 8129 9221


Ruta A 665 Km. 18 S/N. Tarapacá Chile.